30 Pork Chop Recipes for Easy Weeknight Dinners

We’re always looking for the best pork chop recipes. Quick and relatively easy ones, of course, but also the most delicious and juicy pork chop recipes—the kind you just want to keep cooking week after week. No matter which direction you go in, you’re going to want to start with the thickest, fattiest chops you can find. (Fat = flavor!) Then, after you master our tips and tricks, prepare to say goodbye to those dry, flavorless things you used to call pork chops—and hello to this sweet and saucy rendition that’s ready in record time. These pan-seared chops bathed in a citrus dressing so good you’ll want to drink it. And this addictively salty-sweet homemade hoisin that smothers, you guessed it, chops! Here you’ll find all our favorite, top-rated pork chop recipes.

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